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Current President of South Africa
Original title of The Beatles' 'Yesterday'
One of the two warring ethnicities in the Rwandan Genocide
The Cleveland Browns #3 all-time passing leader
The leader of Germany during WWI
The War that 'All Quiet on the Western Front' was about
The President of France is also the co-Prince of this country
The author of 'Tortilla Flat'
The terrorist cell that attacked the Israeli team in the 1972 Olympics
The nickname of famed golfer Jack Nicklaus
All-time NBA assists leader
The tallest mountain in Africa
St. Louis Browns pitcher who was hit in the head with a fish during a game
The 'Spoken Latin' language that is supposed to allow speakers of every language to communicate
The founder and first Prime Minister of Israel
The nickname of Paraguayan dictator Dr. Jose Gaspar Francia Rodriguez
The only man to ever achieve the rank of Admiral of the Navy
U.S. Army General who fooled the Germans during WWII with a 'Phantom Army'
First ever World Series Champions
The first Nazi concentration camp where a mass escape was held

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