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Can you name the Greek Gods and Demigods?

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Hint of the Gods or DemigodsAnswer
Goddess of Marriage
Goddess of wisdome and war
Goddess of agriculture and the harvest
Demigod who destroyed the Minotaur
God of the sea, earthquakes, and horses
God of fire and the forge
God of the sky and the weather
God of war
Demigod who was dipped in the river Styx to become immortal
Hint of the Gods or DemigodsAnswer
God of shephords, travelers, theives, and is the messenger of the gods
God of wine
Goddess of love, desire, beauty and firtility
Goddess of the hearth and home
Demigod who cut of Medusa's head
God of prophecy, music, healing and the sun
God of death and the Underworld
Goddess of the hunt, wilderness, and wild animals

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