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QUIZ: Can you name the Fraggle Rock Fraggles?

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not too bright for his age, and likes to hit his assistant on the nose
has a crush on Uncle Matt and wears glasses
nervous abnormal fraggle, has a lucky pebble
tricky fraggle who throws smoke pellets
Leads the Pipebangers
Head Minstrel
has the best pigtails in Fraggle Rock!
Cave Fraggle who made friends with one of the Fraggle Five
Roundest Fraggle almost always eating
his name means 'take off your hat' in ancient fragglish
his alter ego is Sidebottom
Jim Henson voiced fraggle with teeth
goalie on a Rock Hockey team, is very gullible
known as 'the fearless' wears a horned helmet
can never make up his mind
once stole the Fraggle Horn to stop his nose from getting hit
my pet plant is named Lanford
I love my little wimp!
Famous Rock Hockey player
comes to the rock to tell fortunes
a painter fraggle
sporty, competitive fraggle, likes to gamble for radishes
very small fraggle with a pet Beast
first fraggle to explore Outer Space

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