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QUIZ: Can you name the can you name the my little pony characters

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cutie markAnswerbit more info
pink/purple stars around itelement of harmony
3 balloons.element of harmony
A cloud with rainbow strikes coming out.element of harmony
3 red appleselement of harmony
3 pink butterflyselement of harmony
3 blue diamondselement of harmony
no cutiemark yetthe cutie mark crusaders
no cutiemark yetthe cutie mark crusaders
no cutie mark yetthe cutie mark crusaders
an apple piepart of applejacks family
cutie markAnswerbit more info
a sunruler of equestria
a moon.not a full moon,2nd ruler of equestria
a fire with red,orenge and yellow in>leader of the wonderbolts
half of a big green applepart of applejacks family
an music soundplays the chello
an music soundloves to play music at discos
a wand visited ponyville 2 times
3 smiling flowersteaches the cutie mark crusaders
a harpobsessed with humans

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