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Onward and upward we move on now
Cause all the things that he can do, love here he cannot hurt you
Now she's shaking, spinning and quaking
Well I'm sorry love for all I have undone, and I'm sorry dear for what I have become
All of us are in this life together
It's not mine this time, this time
Shake down your boots
The world is spinning round, round, round
I know you never meant to go break my heart of gold
And who is to say why we're leaving, dear?
Here in the evening my words are deceiving and cold
The words that slowly fade to nothing
Oh, it's not that bad when she goes
Now that the rain comes down, they want you
Should I stay or should I go?
Nothing's left here but this song
There's a hustle and a bustle in the city tonight
Oh, hold me down, lift me up till I've got nothing left to sing about
There is nothing in this world I can't give
Why can't you see that I need you?
I'll move through the night love, I'll sleep when I'm dead
Slip away
There's a heart here cast in stone, and there's a past dear I must atone
Born in the fire, we're watching it grow
It isn't that it's tough, it's just I don't love you enough
And along this river time goes quicker
Oh, here we shake the sand, and we hold our harsh demands
Find me a wave that is slow and amazing to care for my heart
Oh God, the reason was yours
A piece of me is a piece of you right now
Oh, the way she moves, seduction through and through
All of my love, all of my life, given to you, sacrificed
Cast away
There's nothing left inside my broken heart
Oh here and now, here and now will last forever
Oh, my waking world, I leave you for a girl

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