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Arithmetic/Find ValueFind the 10th term of the sequence whose first four terms are 8,4,0,-4...
Arithmetic/Find ValueThirty numbers are in arithmetic sequence. The sum of the numbers is 270 and the last number is 38. What is the first number?
Arithmetic/Find ValueFind the value of x in the arithmetic sequence 5.x.13,17...
Arithmetic/Find ValueThe birth rate in a town of 40,000 increases at 3% per annum. Estimate the town's population after 10 years
GeometricIn a geometric sequence the third term is 0.75 and the seventh term is 12. Find the tenth value
Arithmetic/Find ValueAn arithmetic series has twenty terms. The first term is -50 and the last term is 83, find the sum of the series
Arithmetic/Find ValueThe 14th term of an arithmetic sequence is 100. If the first term is 9, find the common difference
Arithmetic/Find ValueFind the sum of the first one hundred odd numbers
Sequence (5,1,-3)If n + 5, 2n + 1, and 4n - 3 are three consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence. find n
write answer like: #,#,#,#,#fill the gaps in this arithmetic sequence -3,_,_,_,_,_,12
3,6,12,24,?Find the 5th term
Arithmetic/Find ValueThe 10th term of an arithmetic sequence is -40. If the first term 5, find the common difference
3,x,48Find the x value
-1,4,-16,64,?Find the 5th term

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