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Can you name the terms relating to World War I?

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This person's assassination sparked the war.
A British luxury liner responsible for entering the U.S. in the war.
The warning Wilson issued to Germans to stop submarine warfare, threating to break diplomatic relations.
Telegram that Germany sent to Mexico, offering Mexico the territory it lost in the Mexican-American War after Germany's victory if Mexico assisted.
The submarines Germans used to strike civilian and military ships.
Wilson's postwar vision is outlined in these.
Controlled production, wages, and prices of manufactured goods.
Conscripted American males into military service.
Treaty that ended the Great War.
The group included Woodrow Wilson, Georges Clemenceau, Vittorio Orlando, and David Lloyd George.
Controversial article of the League of Nations.
Congress could limit the right of free speech if it represented a '_______' according to Schenck v. United States

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