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Can you name the terms relating to the Roaring Twenties?

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The president at the start of the time period.
The idea that anyone could become a success if he or she worked hard enough.
Document that outlawed offensive wars throughout the world.
An alternate name for this time period that pronounces the cultural explosion that was experienced.
The name given to authors and poets that were concerned with the materialism and mass consumption of this period.
The person who applied scientific management to the assembly line.
A loan program that would give financial aid to Germany to lessen the financial crisis in Europe
Gathering in which countries pledged to limit their expansion of arms.
Policy that was opposite in principle to the Roosevelt Corollary.
Act that was designed to control emigration from southern and eastern Europe.
Organization started by Marcus Garvey that emphasized the creation of a black community separate from white society.
Christian fundamentalist that vouched for the State of Tennessee in the Monkey Trial.

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