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Year 1 For your first assignment, name all of Harry's D.A.D.A. teachers in order (full name)?
helper of Voldemort 
great at memory charms and lying 
works for Fudge  
former death-eater 
dark arts teacher 
Year 2 Now, name the obstacles that blocked the sorcerer's stone?
3-headed dog 
hates sunlight 
one unlocks the door 
giant ______ 
not in movie 
shows whatever you want most 
Year 3 Name the people who got petrified by a basilisk ?
filch's cat 
harry's biggest fan 
gryffindor ghost 
hufflepuff muggle-born 
gryffindor muggle-born 
Year 4 Name the tasks of the triwizard tournament in Harry's 4th year?
welsh green, chinese lightning bolt, hungarian horntail,... 
only can speak clearly underwater 
'some people change in the _____' 
Year 5 For your O.W.L., name these things?
harry's best spell (not disarming) 
was taught to him by  
who is a half-breed of human and wolf which makes a 
which is a secret until ____ slips it out 
who is the ___ master 
Year 6 Congrats! You made it to N.E.W.Ts in this class! Nice O on your O.W.L.s. Now, name all of Voldemort's horcruxes in the order they were destroyed?
riddle's _____ 
gaunt's _____ 
slytherin's _____ 
ravenclaw's ______ 
Year 7 For your N.E.W.T. name these spells?
patronus charm 
boggart charm 
killing curse 
torturing or cruciatus curse 
imperius curse 
disarming charm 
levitating charm 
summoning charm 
repairing charm 
stunning charm 
shield charm 
confusion charm 

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