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The capybara is the largest _______ in the world.
Capybaras are native to which continent?
The only country on this continent on which they don't live is _______.
A 16th-century pope declared the capybara to be what kind of animal?
This was so people could eat capybara during ________.
A typical capybara litter consists of how many pups?
Are capybaras herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?
What part of a capybara grows continuously throughout its life (in addition to fur and nails)?
Capybaras do not have the ability to synthesize Vitamin __.
Dominant males within a group can be identified because they are _______ than the other males.
The morillo is a ______ gland on top of the capybara's nose.
What does the scientific name for capybara, hydrochoerus, mean?
Which gender is typically heavier?
What color are capybara eyes?
Capybara mating takes place in the ______.

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