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Can you name the Name the anime off the description given?

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DescriptionSeriesYear Aired
Young love between a pilot and a singer. The future of earth hangs in the balance of the pilot1982
A teenage boy given a second chance at life gets to become a spirit detective and fight off demons1992
4 bounty hunters on a spaceship just trying to get by1998
Man wanted for 60 billion double dollars is not the person the authorities make him out to be1998
Crew of 5 outlaws on their grappler spaceship on a journey to find the Galatic Layline1998
Hyperactive girl will do anything for her master that wants to take over the world. Bizarre and goofy hijinks ensue1999
A preteen boy has a boring life , until one day a girl with a guitar comes to town and runs him over with her vespa2000
A boy is all alone without either of his parents alive. A combat android turned maid comes to help the boy2001
A girl with a heart of gold stumbles upon a house in the woods with a family that has a horrible curse. 2001
The everyday lives of 6 school girls throughout their entire highschool years2002
A fairy tale that becomes a reality for a little duck as she helps to find the heart shards of the fair prince.2002
The stories of a journey with a girl and her motorad as they travel from country to country2003
A boy and girl that were brought up in a world of flight get a big task thrust upon them as they enter into a war in the skies2003
A tale of two brothers on a quest to find the philosophers stone.2003
A journey to find paradise in a world on the verge of apocalypse2003
DescriptionSeriesYear Aired
Teenage boy with a hidden talent for singing joins a band as they try to make it big 2004
Highschool boy who is known for brawling all the time has a hard time trying to get with the ladies. As all hope seems lost he wakes up to find a girl on his right hand2004
A love triangle of shy highschool students? More like a love dodecahedron.2004
Two samurais and one girl are on a journey to find the samurai that smells on sunflowers.2004
Stories of a man who goes from village learning the stories of the people there , and there interactions with the worlds life force2005
A 10 year old M.I.T. Graduate goes to teach highschool. Only to find her class is full of freaks2005
A middle class girl joins a prestigious academy of upper class members of society. When she is walking the halls she discovers a host club2006
The lives of 4 mentally troubled people trying to overcome their mental instabilities2006
A Group of South Pacfic mercenaries kidnap a japanese buisnessman as he joins them in their crime run world.2006
One day a notebook of immense power falls from the sky. The boredom of this teenage boy now lifted, he is out to set the world right. The way he sees it2006
Belief in the supernatural comes flooding back when this teenage boy encounters an eccentric girl2006
Teenage boy returns to the town of his youth only to find he has no memories of the place. Over time his memories start come back2006
Drills and Mechs. A Boy learns to become a man.2007
Mafia turf wars, a train robbery , and a search for a missing man.2007
Wolf goddess of the harvest is no longer needed.She wishes to go home and seeks help of a traveling peddler2008

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