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Where were Clementine's parents before the zombie outbreak?
What's the name of the hotel that Clementine's parents were staying?
What is Lee's occupation?
What is Lee's hometown?
What's the name of a post-apocalypse town in Georgia that lives under martial law?
Which person of the group was handing meds to bandits?
Who was helping Lee to find out why the meds were missing?
What are the missing items for the boat that the group found in a manor?
Who stole Clementine's hat?
When was the game released? (Month and Year)
Who shot Carley?
By the end of the game, Clementine is left with a couple. Who are they?
At the St. John Dairy, what do some people of the group eat for dinner?
Who supposedly kidnapped Clementine before Lee met the stranger who really did?
Which character has a heart condition?
What object is used by Lee to escape the meatlocker in the St. John Dairy?
What's the name of Molly's hook?

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