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John Cena and Randy Orton debuted in the WWE on the same year, which was...?
Which PPVs are part of the Big 4? (Answer in chronological order)
Who was the first NXT champion?
Who was the first André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner?
Who is the youngest entrant in Royal Rumble history?
Who was the first WWE superstar to be targeted by the Shield?
Who are the Four Horsewomen of NXT? (Answer in alphabetical order)
Who was CM Punk's opponent in his debut on ECW?
Before having its own PPV, where did the Money in the Bank match took place annually?
Which tag team received a Slammy Award trophy in 2015?
Only one original Wyatt member has won a title in his WWE main roster career. Who is he?
Who used to put paperbags on his opponents heads after the matches?
Who was the first leader of the Nexus?
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Who did The Undertaker face at Wrestlemania the most?
Which tag team has the longest title reign in NXT history?
Which former diva used a similar version of the Styles' Clash as a finisher?
Which Nexus member has been a tag team champion alongside John Cena?
Which member of the Shield became a singles champion first?
Who is the oldest wrestler on the main roster? (As of July 2016)
Who is the youngest Divas champion in history?
Who has the longest NXT championship reign?
Who eliminated AJ Styles on his Royal Rumble debut?
Who ended CM Punk's WWE championship reign?
Bo Dallas' brother is also a WWE wrestler. Who is he?
Who created The New Day?
Who is the first undisputed champion in history?

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