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Can you name the US State by Smallest Counties (pop)?

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CountyState{Pop} Etymology
Cimarron{2335} Native Americans
Essex{6211} An English County/'East Saxons'
Windham{117604} County Seat/A village in England/A bridge in England/an old noble family in england
San Juan{692} River and mountain range nearby/a Roman Catholic Saint
Liberty{8349} 'Condition of being free'
Hamilton{4773} US Secretary of the Treasury
Worth{2090} Mexican-American War Hero
Traverse{3445} A nearby lake/ 'Inbetween'
Jones{1001} Black Hawk War Hero
Arthur{458} US President
Kent{169416} An English County/'Border'
Coos{31997} 'Small Pines'
Kalawao{90} 'Mountain Area'
Issaquena{1395} 'Deer River'
Menominee{4317} Native Americans
Pickett{5090} State Congressman
Tensas{4908} Native Americans
Greely{1290} Editor of the New York Tribune/'Go West Young Man'
Tyrell{4109} Co-founder/English Lord
Vinton{13276} US Congressman from State
Wheeler{1381} Early Settler of the area
Clark{867} Early State Senator
McCormick{10233} US Co-Inventor of the Mechanical Reaper
Robertson{2235} US Congressman from State
Loving{95} Trailblazer/Cattleman
CountyState{Pop} Etymology
Keweenaw{2191} 'Portage place'
Alpine{1159} A mountain range somewhere else/Tall Mountains
Kent{19944} An English County/'Border'
Harding{700} US President
Calhoun{5241} US Vice-President
Greenlee{9049} Early Settler of the area
Greene{8744} Revolutionary War Hero
Bristol{49220} County Seat/County Seat in England/'Place at the Bridge'
Hardin{4181} A county in another state/ Revolutionary War Hero
Esmeralda{832} Fictional Character
Taliaferro{1703} Revolutionary War Hero
Cameron{4886} US Secretary of War
Salem{65166} 'Peace' Linguistic corruption
Nantucket{10399} 'Faraway Land'
Highland{2536} 'Land up high'
Daggett{1127} State Surveyor-General
Piscataquis{17124} 'Branch of the River'
Adams{3894} US President
Petroleum{506} Site of first major oil discovery in state.
Ohio{5994} A nearby river/'Great River'
Writ{5901} US Attorney General
Yakutat{662} 'Place where Canoes Rest'
Garfield{2256} US President
Niobara{2541} A nearby River/'Water Spreadout Horizontally'
Slope{761} Geographical feature nearby

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