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Ethnicity found in Western Asia
Military staging area
Country in Central Africa
US State on the Eastern Seaboard
Mythical Creature who lives in a forest
Largest Military Base in the world (Pop)
Starting point for the Prime Meridian
Only US State completely surrounded by water
A religion and its pilgramage
An Asian sailing vessel
German City on the Baltic Sea
The flooring in my kitchen
A person from a country bordering Greece
Largest inland port in Mexico
Part of a cliff which hangs over the main edge
Letters you should mind
Country in Western Asia
Large island of Greece
A written language in Asia
An Oceanic Country
Abbreviation used to describe a part of the light spectrum
The area you can see (esp. outdoors)
Protective covering of a foodstuff named after a town in England
Part of the light spectrum even more ultra than Q21
Color and Crystal found in Arkansas
Full name of a city on an island of Tanzania
Color and plant used to make linen
Ancient Greek for wood and a tree which grows in England
Postal code for a US State that seceded from a state that seceded
An Oceanic Country
Postal Code for a place formerly known as Deseret
They belong with the Caicos
Capital of Jersey
Large City Along the Euphrates and its country
Funny Saying
Capital of Suriname
Only country starting with this letter
Act of giving government offices to family members
Sea Captain after which an island nation is named
Small leafy plant which is in the same family as an onion
An indian Prince from a Large Western Indian City
Hot tub
Line on a weather map connecting areas of equal wind speed
Atomic Symbol for Mercury
Fairy Tale family of Goats
Atomic Symbol for Iron
Direction from and country Greenland is nearest
Short hand form of capital in the western hemipshere
Native of the area between North and South America
Half of the name of a southeastern European Country

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