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EtymologyCountryLanguage of Origin
Terraced BayChinese
Open FieldPolish
Protected by AtarPersian
Flamming Water or a completely made up word.Unknown
I go to the beachNauruan
Chief SmithMbundu Corruption
Land of the Ten TribesBulgarian
Linked Nomadic RegionsEnglish and Arabic
King RiverMandinkan
Patron Saint of Archetects and Isle of the PrincePortuguese
Mountainous LandTaino/Arawak
Land of running water and the DuchyLatin and German
Land of the wanderersGermanic
Lion MountainsSpanish
People of a Great Warlord GovernmentPolish
Mud RiverGothic
Land of the CreatedLatin
To pound grain (based off the surname of the same name)Chinese
Two SeasArabic
Door matUnknown
End of TibetSanskrit
Neighbor or battle cry or shout or spearCeltic?
Land of the FreeProto-Indo-European
Patron Saint of Bachelors and Our Lady of the SnowsLatin and Spanish
Holy CenterSamoan
Hill of StrangersArabic
Indiginous peopleUnknown
Land of an English Sea ExplorerEnglish Corruption
Home of the God of CraftsmenLatin
To Unite or SeashoreUnknown Baltic
Northwestern Africa?Greek
Sunday IslandLatin
Ancient and BeardedSpanish and Spanish
East LandLatin
Coast of IvoryFrench
Linked Region led by a Male monarchEnglish
Single DwellingGreek
Shellfish WaterGuarini
Land of the Rising SunItallian corruption of Chinese
Land of GodBerber
Centrally Located Warrior KingUnknown
The IslandsArabic
Cold or Snow or where the Land EndsUnknown
Water BoundryBaltic
Those who raise cattleTibeto-Burman
Land of a Prince of OrangeDutch
Land of those who speak meaningfully?Unknown
Lion CityMalay
indirect RepliesPalauan
Land of the JavelinLatin
Sandmounds?Unknown Arabic
Southern Land Without ColdGreek
God's RiverShona
Land of the FreeSetswana
Land of the BlacksArabic
Recent Sea LandDutch
Old ageMost likely Latin
To be AngryOld English
Palace IslandsArabic
Eight IslandsTuvalu
EtymologyCountryLanguage of Origin
Green CapePortuguese
Land of Flowing WaterTaureg
Land of North AfricansLatin
White MountainKikuyu
Our LandVanuatuan
Land of the Human BeingsThai
Punic Goddes of War and MotherhoodPunic
Low countriesDutch
City or FertileSumerian or Arabic
House of StonesShona
People of the IndusPersian
Silvery RiverLatin
Land of the Red SeaItallian
Revolt or disorderTurkic
Land of the Most Pure CreatedPersian and Greek
Land of the AfghansPersian
Land of a former king of the areaSwazi
Black MountainItalian
Home of the ArabsPersian
MogadishuMalagasy Corruption
sun or Navel of the MoonUnknown Aztec
The ShallowsSpanish
Island of the Holy Trinity and TobbacoSpanish and Spanish
Land of an Arab TraderArabic
Brothers and Sisters of GodSwahili
By the waterEwe
Warrior King of BissauUnknown
Struggled with GodHebrew
Crowned River or River from Waterunknown
Land of the RowersNorse
Fortress built near waterArabic
Border ForestProto-Indo-European
Flowing waterTaureg
Land of an Italian Sea ExplorerSpanish
Frizzyhaired Recent Warrior KingsMayay and Spanish
Field of BlackbirdSerbian
Linked Independent countries of an Itallian cartographerEnglish and Itallian
City of the Western World or Island of Metal Forgers or Island of RabbitsIberian or Phonecian or Greek
Islands of the MoonArabic
Settled PeopleArabic
Rich CoastSpanish
Small islandsGreek
Land of IceNorse
Border LandSlavic
Eastern MarchGerman
Land of the Rundi speakersLatin
The tall onesGreek
Land of a French Finance MinisterFrench
Southern High Walled CityItallian corruption of Chinese
Ruled by Women?Unknown
Land of a Spanish GeneralNew Latin
Islands of IndiaDutch
Land of the person from the mountainUnknown
Place of Many FishCueva
Land of a Jewish King surrounded by waterHebrew
Land of people from a city founded by a twinLatin
Land of the Fast Strong peopleSanskrit
Land of those who speak meaningfully from an itallian port city?Unknown
Descend into the Dead SeaHebrew
Southern Land of the BlacksArabic
Small CastleCeltic and German
Enjoyers of beautiful things or the leastSanskrit or Persian
EtymologyCountryLanguage of Origin
Ones own KinEnglish
Land of the Eternal Sky FireMongolian
Land of an English Sea Explorer surrounded by waterEnglish
Place of Many TreesCuauhtemallan
Same or to watch overUnknown Greek
Lands of a Spanish PrinceSpanish
People Elected Hunter River GovernmentBakongo
Land of Wood and WaterTaino/Arawak
East-EastMalay and Portuguese
Hunter River GovernmentBakongo
Warrior KingUnknown
White RussiaRussian
Northern WayNorse
Fertile Land or Great PlaceUnknown
The Forest or The ScrublandArabic or Navvarro-Arogonese
Cypress or HennaUnknown
Land of Fourty TribesTurkic and Persian
Holy IslandSanskrit
Warrior KingUnknown
Land of the PurePersian
South People from the SouthChinese and Vietnamese
Area where there is nothingNama
The SaviorSpanish
Southern LandLatin
Patron Saint of the BlindSpanish corruption of Latin
Land of Many WatersAmerindian
Land of HoneyGreek
Middle Land Without Cold GovernmentGreek
Home of VexationYoruba
Land of the NomadsKazakh and Persian
Land of the blacksLatin
Muddy WaterMayan
Light StoneGerman
Right hand or happinessUnknown Arabic
Sunday Island GovernmentLatin
People on the hill of fortune tellersLatin
Little Italian town on the coastItallian
Patron Saint of Wine Makers and Little Islands of the Hill of StrangersSpanish
Our CanoeWolof
Human BeingBasotho
Country of a Sun GodUnknown
Land of the RunnersUnknown Malay
Nothern High Walled CityItallian corruption of Chinese
Roman Catholic Blacksmith SaintLatin
Cattle hearders?Unknown
Beautiful Port or Hot PortLatin or Latin and Greek
Nomadic ConstellationArabic and Semitic
A Spanish explorer + WaterSpanish
Land of where waters meet and black coastTonga and Arabic
Beaded OnesPortuguese
Non-Israelites of the Promised Land.Hebrew
Land of the Self MastersTurkic, Sogdian, and persian
Land of Northern mesopotamiaGreek
Fertile PlaceCeltic
River or Incan ChieftanUnknown
Tiller of the LandGreek?
Land of Honest MenMore
Land of the Cleared LandGerman
Land of the White People?Latin

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