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QuestionAnswerBook it appears in
Who is the Protagonist?All books
Who is the biggest Antagonist in Divergent and Insurgent?Divergent, Insurgent
Who is the leader of the government in AbnegationDivergent
How many factions does Tris fall in?Divergent
Who kills a little boy at candor for being Divergent?Insurgent
Who kills Jeanine?Insurgent
Who kills Eric?Insurgent
What does he say before he kills him?Insurgent
Who saved Tris' life from jeanine killing her from stopping her heart?Insurgent
Who destroyed the faction bowls?Allegiant
Who is Marcus' ex-wife?Allegiant, Insurgent
Who are these peoples son?Allegiant, Insurgent
What does GP mean you are?Allegiant
QuestionAnswerBook it appears in
Who volunteers to die and go to the weapons lab?Allegiant
Does he actually go?Allegiant
Who takes his place?Allegiant
Does she die from the Death Serum? (Yep or Nope)Allegiant
Who shoots Tris twice?Allegiant
Does Tris die? (Yep or Nope)Allegiant
What does Tris see as she dozes offAllegiant
Who made the plan that killed Uriah?Allegiant
Did Uriah die right away? (noo or yess)Allegiant
Does Tori die? (True or False)Allegiant
Does Christina die? (Nah or Yah)Allegiant
Is Tori's brother dead? (True or False)Allegiant

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