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Can you name the entrepreneur?

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Can you name the entrepreneur?
Created the Model T
Co-founder of Def Jam recordings
Founder of the Dell Computer Corporation
Founded Wal-Mart
Responsible for changing name of CTR to IBM
Created the fashion line Polo Ralph Lauren
Created American Idol
Founder of CNN
Founder of McDonald's
Founder of facebook
Founder of the Hershey Chocolate Company
Responsible for the rise of Starbucks
Co-founder of Apple
Founded a catering business in 1972. She went on to have a magazine and TV program
Can you name the entrepreneur?
Founder of Taco Bell
Founder of amazon.com
Co-creator of Google
Responsible for the rise of DC Shoes
Created Disney World
Co-founder of Microsoft
Created Mrs. Fields Cookies
Responsible for the rise of Under Armour
Co-founder of Ben and Jerry's
Founder of ESPN
Created her own line of cosmetics identifiable by her name
Co-founder of Nike
This six-time NBA champion now owns a racing team
Opened a string of successful restaurants and has been on TV shows such as Hell's Kitchen

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