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Springfield Elementary
Who discovered oil? 
Gerbil's name 
Upon hearing the words 'school' and 'exploded' who thinks of the word 'Skinner'? 
Who pirates the well? 
How to spend the oil money
Groundskeeper Willie 
Lunchlady Doris 
Otto Mann 
Ralph Wiggum 
Principal Skinner 
Lost his bar to toxic fumes 
Lost barkeeper's bar 
Lost retirement home to sinkhole 
Lost job in school budget cuts 
Slanted oil gusher injured his dog 
Burns couldn't remember his name 
Falling out over stealing sunlight 
TV show Smithers watches at 3:00 
Place where Burns collapses 
Family DNA on Burns' suit 
Bullet retrieved from his wooden leg 
Homer's choice for the Republican nomination in 1988 
Package for Pete Porter in ___? 
TV show in Smithers' dream 
TV show referenced in Wiggum's dream 
Final answer
Who shot Mr. Burns? 

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