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Can you name the Mystery Science Theater 3000 shorts by description?

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Little boy escapes parents; meets Joe Louis, Barbara Ann Scott and visits chemical wonderland.
Woman dreams of the 1956 Motorama, and the kitchen of tomorrow.
Animal trapper berates wildcats, bear cubs and snakes.
Teen prefers wood carving and furniture building over girls.
Hilariously bad driver stands before celestial judge; guardian angel released from duty.
Family prepares for dinner together; perhaps booze would alleviate the situation.
Modern Puerto Rico is awesome.
Students have different reasons for learning to stand up straight.
Jeff asks Kay out, without any idea how to entertain her.
Judy attempts to impress brother's college roommate with use of Edison Electric appliances.
Farmer delivers crops to market; migrant workers largely ignored by narrator.
One clod fixing a couch wishes for universal spring elimination; Coily torments him.
Ultra dependent Tommy decides to be a better son.
Ben Franklin bestows wisdom on a kid learning about finance.
Newsreel features winter sports, including dog sledding and ice yachting.
High school senior wants to get married; marriage counselor consults Cupid's Checklist.
Chevrolet salesman asks dad for advice.
Striped ice skaters perform at the crack of a whip.
Kay wants to attend Iowa State (the high school after high school); learns the potential of a home ec degree.
Perky, androgynous sprite pops right up to encourage boy to play the trumpet.

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