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Can you name the Movies by Oingo Boingo songs used in the movie?

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Goodbye GoodbyeRat and Stacy enter high school
Bachelor Party, Who Do You Want To BeRick and Debbie party before their wedding; Cole sabotages both
Dead Man's PartyThornton goes to college to prevent his son from dropping out
GratitudeDetroit cop goes to California to solve friend's murder
Wild SexFamily forgets teen daughter's iconic birthday
HappyGym teacher stuck teaching remedial English
Weird ScienceFrankenstein for the modern teenager
Better Luck Next TimeL.A. teenagers go looking for sex
Not My SlaveUptight New York banker meets wild, sparkplug woman
No One Lives ForeverSequel to seminal 1974 horror film
Flesh 'N' BloodVigo replaces Gozer as New York's paranormal antagonist
Home AgainSecond sequel, but this time without Macauley

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