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Can you name the greek Giants, Titans, and Gods

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God of thunder, king of the gods, 6th born god
Goddess of marriage, queen of the gods, one of the first 6 gods
God of the sea,1 of the first 6 gods
God of death, the first god
Goddess of the fields, one of the first 6 gods
Goddess of the home and hearth, one of the first 6 gods
God of war
God of fire and the forge, throne of olympus by his mother
Goddess of the hunt, one of the twins
God of poetry archery and the sun, one of the twins
God of wine
Goddess of wisdom and battle strategy
Goddess of love and beauty
Titan of the ocean
Titan of light
Titan of knowledge
Titan of time, king of the titans, at his mothers orders he killed his father
Titan of the stars
Titan of mortality
Titaness of memory, mother of the Muses
Titaness of the sea
Titaness of heavenly light
Titaness of motherhood
Titaness of law
Titaness of the moon
King of the Giants, killed by Zues
Strongest of the Giants, killed by Heracles
Giant that was buried under mount etna, killed by Athena
A Giant killed by Dionysus
A Giant killed by Hecate
Mesenger god

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