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Forced Order
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The San Antiono library is called what? La biblioteca...
What is an example of Spanish mission architecture near El Paso?
What mission was built in 1770 and only has ruins left today?
What is the name of the fiberglass sculpture by Luis Jiménez in front of the El Paso Museum of Art?
What painting shoes Mexican-American everyday life?
Who painted the painting above?
The painter above also painted many oil paintings like...
What Mexican food influences Texan food?
The official state snack of Texas is...
A typical Texan food on the barbecue is...
These celebrations demonstrate horseback riding and livestock.
What date marks the 1862 Battle of Puebla? Put it in English (ex. March 27)
What is popular dance music that began in the 1800s and usually includes accordions, waltzes, and polkas?
What is the capital of Texas?
Name one thing the economy is based on.
What is the state bird of texas?
What is a cowboy tradition?
A U-shaped river formed by the Rio Grande
A Rio Grande valley that grows grapefruit
The center of international business
The island on the coast that has great scenic areas and stretches for 113 miles
San Antonio's river in English
San Antonio's river in Spanish
What city has a port for sea trade?
What is the capital of Spain?
What type of government does Spain have?
Name one of the languages of Spain?
What is Spain's currency?
What countries share a border with Spain?
What bodies of water surround Spain? The _______ ocean and the ________ sea (separate by a comma)
What region exports olive oil?
Where is Feria de abril held?
What is the highest peak in the Picos de Europa?
What is the natural border that separates France and Spain?
What is Tossa de Mar famous for?
Don Quijote's character is represented in what place?
What dance originated in Barcelona?
Rhythm instruments used in Traditional Spanish music
An omelet made with eggs, onions, and potatoes is a Spanish _____.
What famous museum is located in Bilbao?
What is the museum above known for? It's ___-______ architecture
What caves have prehistoric art on their walls?
What painting is of a lady and is hanging in Prado Musem?
What does Puerto Rico translate to?
What is the capital of Puerto Rico?
Puerto Rico is a ________ of the US
What is a very popular sport in Puerto Rico?
Name the very small, loud frogs
A rainforest with many species of plants and animals. It is the biggest in Puerto Rico.
A rural beach town known for surfing
The ___________ Ocean and _____________ Sea border Puerto Rico (separate by a comma)
The central mountain range of Puerto Rico
A red flowered tree
Tostones are crispy ______
Madrid is in ________ Spain
Los Pirineos are in (north/south)-(eastern/western) Spain
Seville and Andalucia are in _________ Spain
Los Picos de Europa are in (north/south)-(eastern/western) Spain
San Juan is in ___________ Puerto Rico
Isabela is in the (top/bottom)-(right/left) of Puerto Rico
Parque Nacional El Yunque is in (west/east) Puerto Rico
Austin is in ________ Texas
El Paso is in (West/East) Texas
El Valle de Texas and San Antonio are in (Northern/Southern) Texas
Houston is in (Western/Eastern) Texas
Dallas is in (northern/southern) Texas

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