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Who tries out for Glee Club first?Pilot
What Song does Tina Try out with?Pilot
What is Rachel's obsession?Pilot
What is Ken Tenaka's job?Showmance
What song does Glee Club sing in the assembly?Showmance
Quinn, Santana, and Britney audition with...Showmance
What name was suggested for the future called 'Acafellas'?Acafellas
Who admits that they have a crush on Kurt in this episode?Acafellas
Henri St. Pierre teaches..Acafellas
Kurt says tells his dad that he is dating who?Preggers
Kurt dances to what song in order to warm up for football?Preggers
How many kids does Kendra (Terri's sister) have?Preggers
What does April teach Mercedes and Tina how to do?The Rhodes not Taken
What does April tell Will to bring to her house?The Rhodes not Taken
Where does Finn take Rachel?The Rhodes not Taken
Terri is hired at McKinley High as a what?Vitamin D
What color are the tablets that Terri gives out?Vitamin D
What is one song that the girls mash up?Vitamin D
Quinn is expecting a...Throwdown
What does Rachel give Jacob to not write about the pregnancy?Throwdown
What doctor is the obstetrician?Throwdown
Puck dates Rachel because she isMash-up
Quinn is kicked out of what in this episode?Mash-up
Ken wants the wedding song to be...Mash-up
What note does Kurt try to sing?Wheels
What does Brittany buy for Becky?Wheels
Finish Quinn's Quote 'I dont care if that baby comes out with a _________! I will go to my grave swearing it's Finn's!'Wheels
What body part did Suzy Pepper need transplanted?Ballad
Quinn has an older sister called what?Ballad
Mercedes is partnered with who?Ballad
Who was Puck sexting?Hairography
Name one of New Directions' sectionals competitions!Hairography
Who does Kurt like?Hairography
What mattress brand does New Directions' film a commercial for?Mattress
What is Will looking for when he finds Terri's pregnancy pad?Mattress
What is McKinley High's yearbook called?Mattress
Who takes over Finn's part in sectionals as the 12th member?Sectionals
Finish Rachel's quote 'I understand if you want to beat me up. Just stay away from my ____'Sectionals
Will tells Emma at her wedding this a few times '___________'Sectionals
What is Finn allergic to?Hell-O
Where does Rachel meet Jessie? Hell-O
This episode ends with what song?Hell-O
Sue plays Madonna in everyone's office except for whose?The Power of Madonna
What song does the Cheerios perform in this episode?The Power of Madonna
Who do Kurt and Mercedes give a makeover to?The Power of Madonna
How many pounds does Mercedes have to lose in one week?Home
Kurt sets up his dad with who?Home
April plans to present an all-white version of what show?Home
What kind of list does Sue show Principal Figgins?Bad Reputation
Who wrote that list?Bad Reputation
What is Sue's sister's name?Bad Reputation
Who sings 'The boy is mine'?Laryngitis
Rachel sings this song, then discovering that she lost her voice...Laryngitis
Who does Kurt fling with?Laryngitis
Who does Neil Patrick Harris play?Dream On
Artie's dream is toDream On
Who is Rachel's biological mother?Dream On
What movie does Figgins refer to when he mentions Tina's wardrobe?Theatricality
What does Puck suggest to name his daughter (that Quinn doesn't like)?Theatricality
Finn makes his Gaga costume out of what?Theatricality
Who invited Quinn to live with them?Funk
What diet of food is Rachel?Funk
Where do Finn and Puck get a job?Funk
Name ONE judge at regionals (first and last name)Regionals
Who goes into the ER with Quinn (other than her mom)?Regionals
Who wins regionalsRegionals
Who does Rachel send to a crackhouse?Auditions
Who replaces Coach Tenaka?Auditions
What kind of job did Santana have done?Auditions
How many cavities does Brittany have?Britney/Brittany
What is Brittany's full name?Britney/Brittany
Who does Emma start dating?Britney/Brittany
Burt Hummel survives a what?Grilled Cheesus
Kurt sings...Grilled Cheesus
Who doesn't believe in G-d?Grilled Cheesus
What does Puck steal?Duets
Who does Sam like?Duets
Who is Brittany dating in this episode?Duets
Whose lips are speaking in the beginning?The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Who plays Frank?The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Who does Sam play?The Rocky Horror Glee Show
Who was Kurt's first kiss?Never Been Kissed
What school does Kurt switch to?Never Been Kissed
Who does Puck help for Community Service?Never Been Kissed
What song does Holly sing?The Substitute
What does Sue ban?The Substitute
Who does Kurt love?The Substitute
What song does New Directions sing at the wedding?Furt
Sam proposes to Quinn with a what?Furt
What is Sue's mom's name?Furt
Lauren Zizes is captain of what team?Special Education
What kind of comb does Brittany receive from Artie?Special Education
What is the warbler's mascot name?Special Education
Who pretends to be Santa?A Very Glee Christmas
Where in Ohio is Dalton?A Very Glee Christmas
 A Very Glee Christmas
How many years in a row did Sue win Regionals?The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Who was Sue going to shoot out of a cannon?The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Football Players at McKinley were attacked by which sport team?The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
While singing 'My Funny Valentine' , what did Tina start doing?Silly Love Songs
What do Finn and Quinn feel as they kiss?Silly Love Songs
Who does Blaine serenade at the Gap?Silly Love Songs
Will and Sue sing to kids with what disease?Comeback
What game was Tina playing while kissing Mike?Comeback
What boy in Glee Club isn't part of the JB Experience?Comeback
Who is a 'laughing, happy drunk'?Blame It on the Alcohol
What grade does Will give all his students?Blame It on the Alcohol
Figgins gives the Glee Club coupons for what?Blame It on the Alcohol
Lauren and Puck plan on making a what?Sexy
Who does Will kiss in this episode?Sexy
In what song does Blaine realize that Burt hasn't given Kurt the 'talk'?Sexy
Who has their first kiss together in this episode?Original Song
Name one original song, written by Rachel BerryOriginal Song
Who writes 'Trouty Mouth'Original Song
On what social network does Sunshine invite people to 'Night of Neglect'?A Night of Neglect
What is Sandy's nickname?A Night of Neglect
Where does Holly take a job?A Night of Neglect
What does Finn's shirt say?Born this Way
Whose shirt says 'Im with stupid v'?Born this Way
What kind of club does Kurt want to start with Karofsky?Born this Way
What is the title of April's new show?Rumours
How many siblings does Sam have?Rumours
What is Brittany's cat's name?Rumours
Who is the prom planner?Prom Queen
Name one song in Prom Queen that they sing at Prom...Prom Queen
What falls at the end of Prom?Prom Queen

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