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Can you name the major concepts from Piaget's Preoperational Stage?

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The Preoperational Stage ranges between what two ages?Child Development - Berk
Mental representations of actions that obey logical rules.Child Development - Berk
Failure to distinguish others' symbolic viewpoints from one's own.Child Development - Berk
Belief that inanimate objects have lifelike qualities, such as thoughts, wishes, feelings, and intentions.Child Development - Berk
The idea that certain physical characteristics of objects remain the same, even when their outward appearance changes.Child Development - Berk
In this stage, children's drawings develop from scribbles to...Child Development - Berk
The concept that preoperational children's understanding is centered; they focus on one aspect of the situation while neglecting other important features.Child Development - Berk
The ability to go through a series of steps in a problem and then mentally reverse direction, returning to the starting point.Child Development - Berk
One of the most well-known milestones in the preoperational stage, involving imaginary friends.Child Development - Berk
The make-believe with others that is under way around age two and increases rapidly during the next few years.Child Development - Berk
At about age 3, preoperational children understand this concept of viewing a symbolic object as both an object in its own right and a symbol.Child Development - Berk

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