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January 1: This country became a British protectorate
February 25: U.S. Steel is incorporated by this industrialist as the first billion-dollar corporation
March 4: This U.S. president begins his second term
April 25: This U.S. state becomes the first to require automobile license plates
May 3: The Great Fire of 1901 begins in this city
June 2: Katsura Taro becomes prime minister of this country
July 1: The Bureau of Chemistry is established in this U.S. federal Department
August 30: Hubert Cecil Booth patents this invention in the United Kingdom
September 2: U.S. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt utters this famous phrase at the Minnesota State Fair
October 24: Michigan school teacher Annie Edson Taylor goes over this famous waterfall in a barrel and survives
November 28: The new Constitution of this U.S. state requires voters to have passed a literacy test
December 12: The first trans-Atlantic radio signal is received in Canada containing this letter in Morse

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