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Forced Order
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she has a ballcap which turns her invisible
son of hephaestus, boyfriend of silena beauregard
twin brother of travis
god of wine, director of camp halfblood
son of nemesis, stabbed annabeth with poison blade
3 old women who cut the threads of life
satyr best friend of percy
horses with fins and breathe underwater
goddess of the rainbow
grover's girlfriend
the main antagonist of the series
son of hermes, betrays percy
percy's dog
son of hades, brother of bianca
seacow that percy names bessie
main protagonist of series
daedalus nickname
new oracle, mortal artist who can see through the mist
percy's mom
percy's cyclops halfbrother
gabe's last name
roman name for aphrodite
son of apollo, leader of cabin
type x
micheal, son of apollo's last name
lead huntress of artemis, daughter of atlas

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