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The quantifiable statistics given to a population relating to its structure and sectors.
The sharing of power between regional and central governments.
A direct vote in which an entire electorate is asked to either accept or reject a particular proposal. (Britain/House of Commons/Vote of Confidence, Russia/Duma/two-thirds veto)
Inaccurate representation of the public in government legislations, disproportionate numbers of members of a gender, religion, ethnicity, or social status within government.
The party currently in control of the government after winning an election.
The public’s expectations toward the political process and its role within the process. The attitudes, beliefs, and values of the people in a country.
An economy that incorporates capitalist and socialist concepts, emphasizing on accumulation of capital but also a welfare state.
Decentralization of central government, distributing power to regional governments.
A politician or political group may use the govt. to unfairly reap benefits (such as tax revenue) at the public’s expense.
Measures of economic well being, life expectancy, and educational achievement.
Process of moving towards democracy, citizen participation in the government. Not guaranteed that states will grant human rights and civil liberties though.
society in which people are involved in social and political interactions free of state control or regulation. Community groups, voluntary associations, religious groups, media, a
Synonymous to single-member district plurality (SMDP) election rule where the winner only needs to have the most votes but do not need a majority to win, but the most votes.
Process of increasing global interactions, economic dependency, trade, foreign relations.
The belief that in the short run, economic output is strongly dependent on aggregate demand which does not directly correlate to an economy's productive capacity.
The condition of humankind if no government existed.
Settling disputes about application of public policies.
Involves families, schools, communications media, churches, and all the various political structures that develop, reinforce, and transform the political culture, the attitudes of
An activity that produces costs that are not borne by the producer or the user such as pollution, should be controlled by govt to benefit society.
Involves individuals and groups expressing their needs and demands.
Measurement of national economic development.

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