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Can you name the moons of the solar system??

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Description of moonMoon's namePlanet
largest of this planet's moons; contains craters and valleysUranus
4th Galilean moonJupiter
6th largest moon of this planet; it expels water from its surfaceSaturn
largest of this planet's moons; has a retrograde orbitNeptune
2nd Galilean moon; contains ice sheetJupiter
2nd largest moon of this planet and outermost of its moonsUranus
smallest moon of the solar systemMars
Description of moonMoon's namePlanet
most eccentric orbit of any moonNeptune
1st Galilean moon; contains active volcanoes; densest moon in the solar systemJupiter
rises in the west and sets in the east; contains crater StickneyMars
largest of this planet's moons; only moon to have a substantial atmosphereSaturn
3rd Galilean moon; largest moon in the solar systemJupiter
called a 'double planet system' with this former planetPluto

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