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How many people were in a chariot?better placement of wheels and better wheels
Hittites were one of the first to have this?one of the first in the area
Who was the supreme ruler?ruler, military, judicial, and high priest
Name one severe crime?n/a
Laws over time became what?n/a
Important cities or provinces were ruled by?they had to swear fealty
Penalty for Agriculture offense?agriculture was the main economic factor
What was the title of Queen?wnannaata
Sun Goddess of the Hittites was?rittinian
The Goddess that isn't strictly Hittite?only played a role in rituals
The God of weather?was later assimilated into Hittite god Tarhun
The sacking of Babylon happened in which Kingdom?timeline
Peace treaty with Egypt happened in which kingdom?timeline
The city states were eventually incorporated by what empire?after the fall
The capital of Hittite was?name was changed from hattic
The king who brought the wrath of the gods?iumaiulplpus
The king who gave the prayer against the plague?ilsimur
How many years did 'the king who gave the prayer' rule for?n/a
What sign was given during the Fights against the Kaskas?n/a

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