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Forced Order
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what month was Earth created?cosmic calendar
what month was life created?cosmic calendar
What skeletal remains is 3.6 m.y.a old?early man
what is Lucy's real name?early man
Monkey's eye vision is able to see?red/blue/green/yellow
the shape of a monkey's eye allows them to judge?
There is only one type of monkey who eats at this time of day?
When monkey's capture food the first to eat is the?behavior
Bipedalism occurred how many years ago?early man
monkeys live in what type of system?those who were born into a good family are more important
In a a big group of primates what is more likely to be bigger?the group brain
Carl Sagan says we are all predisposed to this?
what percent of mammals in the classification order have special scent glands?
what hormone is found in male sweat?
humans are the only beings able to do what with animal tracks?
the San bushmen of the Kalihari still practice this form of hunting?
After we learned to make our own crops what flourished?early man
Sapien means what in latin?
neanderthals died out before this species?early man
Jane Goodall went to Gombe in Tanzania for research in what year?
the y chromosome is only found in which gender?
there is more diversity a group of 50 chimps then in the all of what?
The evidence of our ancestors being in Australia goes back how far?
how long did it take people to populate through out north and south America?
how many generations ago did we start in africa?
how much of human DNA is identical to Chimp DNA?
According to Jared Diamond the great leap forward is?
how long ago do fossil records show primates being around for?
who much of the worlds chimp population has been destroyed?
how many bundles in DNA?
what vitamin do you get from the sun?
about how many people is believed to have come from Asia to America?
what percent of all pregnancy's end in miscarriage today?

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