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Can you name the Aliases from A Song of Ice and Fire??

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NameAliasOther Info
Qhorin ____of the Night's Watch
Oberyn MartellPrincess Elia's brother
Maegor the ____Maegor Targaryen
Gendry named after his helm
Garth the _____of House Tyrell
Jaime LannisterJaime Lannister
Catelyn TullyShe took up the name after her revival
AeronAeron Greyjoy
Bran the ____founder of House Stark
Jeor MormontLord Commander
Tyrion the ____Tyrion Lannister
Aegor Riversobviously a bastard
MelisandreStannis Baratheon's red shadow
Aegon I the ____Aegon I Targaryen
Aerys Targaryenking before Robert Baratheon
Loras Tyrellof House Tyrell
DavosDavos Seaworth
Brave Companionsled by Vargo Hoat
Sam the ____after a courageous feat at the North
Robb StarkRobb Stark
Tarle the ____an Ironman, I would've guessed
Lollys StokeworthDaughter of Tanda Stokeworth
Theon _____Theon Greyjoy got the name for betraying the Starks
Dareonof the Night's Watch
ManceMance Rayder
NameAliasOther Info
Ser Arthur DayneArthur Dayne
Barristan the ____fired by Joffrey for being 'too old'
Sandor Cleganeof Clegane
Sansa Starkher new name after her escape from King's Landing
Garlan the _____of House Tyrell
Jon SnowAlliser Thorne's endearing name to Snow
Lothar Frey
King TorrhenLast King of the North, of House Stark
Baelor the ____Baelor I Targaryen
Daenerys the _______She got the name after Daenerys was born as a fierce storm struck in Dragonstone
Brienne the ______Brienne Tarth
Ser Brynden the ____Brynden Tully
Gregor Cleganeof Clegane
Vargo Hoat the ____Leader of the Brave Companions
Euron Euron Greyjoy
Roose BoltonRoose Bolton
Valsister of Mance's wife
Viserys TargaryenDany's Brother
Olenna Redwyneof the Highgarden
Robert Baratheonfrom Dany's POV
VarysMaster of Whisperers
Alysane MormontMormont
Petyr BaelishMaster of Coin
Brynden Riversobviously a bastard
Queen Alysannevisited the Wall

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