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Game first appeared inAnswerHints
RE (1996)Former Air Force member
RE (1996)Skilled with a piano and lockpick
RE (1996)Has a wife and two kids
RE (1996)Rookie STARS member
RE (1996)Traitor
RE (1996)Has a sweetheart named Bridget
RE (1996)Shot by the traitor
RE (1996)Eaten by a zombie
RE (1996)Eaten by dogs
RE (1996)eaten by crows
RE (1996)Pilot
RE (2002)Wears the faces of his/her victims
RE (2002)RPD Pilot
RE0Accused of killing 23 people
RE0Founder of Umbrella
RE0STARS Bravo Team Member
RE2Looking for his/her brother
RE2First day on the job
RE2Looking for John
RE2Parents work at Umbrella
RE2Umbrella scientist
RE2Unbeatable monster
RE2Likes taxodermy
RE2RPD officer that turns into a zombie
RE2USS operative
RE2Died in a gun shop
RE3'All the foxy ladies love my accent.'
RE3UBCS member wih many wounds
RE3Unbeatable monster with a rocket
RE3Umbrella monitor
RE3Had a daughter that died
RE4President's mssing child
RE4Researched the Las Plagas
RE4Assists you on the mission
RE4Religious leader
RE4The big cheese
RE4Owns a castle
RE4Former friend
RE4Sells you weapons
RE5BSAA member and faithful partner
RE5BSAA Captain (Delta Team)
RE5BSAA Captain (Alpha Team)
RE5Drives a vehicle, Delta Team
RE5Heilcopter pilot for the BSAA, crashes
RE5Gets executed
RE5Businessman with standards
RE5Tricell business mogul
RE5Leader of Umbrella
RE6Has special blood
RE6Helped kill the President
Game first appeared inAnswerHints
RE6BSAA sniper
RE6Evil clone
RE6National Security Advisor to the President
RE6US President
RE6Rookie member of the BSAA
RE6BSAA member (China)
RE6BSAA member (Edonia)
RE6BSAA member (Edonia)
RE6BSAA member (Edonia)
RE6Was held captive and infected with the C-Virus
RE7Searching for his wife
RE7Has been missing for 3 years
RE7Head of the family
RE7Carries a lantern and loves bugs
RE7Has a birthday party
RE7Mysterious Caller
RE7Has a gift
RE7Camera man in the VHS tape
RE7Sewer Gators host
RE7Sewer Gators producer
DegenerationSRT member with a brother
DegenerationFamily died in Raccoon City
DegenerationSRT member
DegenerationLittle kid without parents
DegenerationWilPharma member and former Umbrella employee
DamnationA president and skilled fighter
DamnationTeacher turned revolutionary
DamnationLikes American things
DamnationRevolutionary; infected with Las Plagas
VendettaObsessed with his dead wife.
VendettaDead bride.
VendettaAssistant to the bioweapons dealer.
VendettaFather and friend of the groom.
VendettaSniper of the Silver Dagger team.
VendettaA solider in the Silver Dagger team.
VendettaA deceased soldier in the Silver Dagger team.
VendettaA researcher that is killed.
VendettaA mole within the DSO.
VendettaA BSAA agent and mother.
VendettaThe son of a BSAA agent.
Umbrella ChroniclesUmbrella officer
Umbrella ChroniclesUmbrella's super-computer
Darkside ChroniclesHas control over T-Veronica virus
Darkside ChroniclesLeader of a drug cartel
Darkside ChroniclesGiant water monster
Code VeronicaPrisoner
Code VeronicaCommander of Rockfort Island
Code VeronicaCreated the T-Veronica virus
Code VeronicaKilled by his/her children, aka Nosferatu
Code VeronicaNeeds medication
Game first appeared inAnswerHints
RevelationsFBC member turned BSAA agent, works for Tricell
RevelationsFBC member turned BSAA agent
RevelationsBSAA Director
RevelationsFBC Director
RevelationsFBC member, works with Tricell
RevelationsVeltro Terrorist
RevelationsTurns into an Ooze
RevelationsNerdy BSAA member
RevelationsBSAA member with a sense of humor
RevelationsBonus character for Raid Mode (Unveiled Edition)
Revelations 2The Overseer
Revelations 2Wields a crowbar and a flashlight
Revelations 2Little kid with strange powers
Revelations 2Infected with Uroboros
Revelations 2Lives on the island, looking for his/her daughter
Revelations 2Dies in a helicopter
Revelations 2Mutates due to the T-Phobos virus
Revelations 2Dies a gruesome death
Revelations 2Toy bear
Revelations 2The program created by the Overseer (Raid Mode)
Revelations 2Appears in a flashback - a sister and a daughter
Revelations 2TerraSave member, his hand was cut off
OutbreakAn RPD officer
OutbreakA plumber
OutbreakLikes to play dead
OutbreakFormer security guard
OutbreakWorked at the hospital
OutbreakFormer Umbrella employee; quiet and shy
OutbreakA waiter/waitress
OutbreakA reporter
SurvivorHas amnesia
SurvivorOlder child living on Sheena Island
SurvivorYounger child living on Sheena island
SurvivorUmbrella employee and Commander of Sheena Island
Dead AimUS-STRATCOM Member
Dead AimA Chinese secret agent
Dead AimFired by Umbrella, is in search of beauty and power
GaidenA survivor on the Starlight ship
Operation Raccoon CityWolfpack's field scientist
Operation Raccoon CityWolfpack's assault weapon specialist
Operation Raccoon CityWolfpack's field medic
Operation Raccoon CityWolfpack's explosives expert
Operation Raccoon CityWolfpack's sharpshooter with thermal goggles
Operation Raccoon CityWolfpack member with an invisibilty suit
Operation Raccoon CityEcho Six's sniper
Operation Raccoon CityEcho Six's knife expert
Operation Raccoon CityEcho Six's demolitions expert
Operation Raccoon CityEcho Six's field scientist
Operation Raccoon CityEcho Six's field medic
Operation Raccoon CityEcho Six team leader
RE 1.5Deleted character

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