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Can you name the movies from their combined plotlines in the order they're mentioned (2 movies per question)?

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PlotMovie 1 Movie 2 (don't type 'and' inbetw
Man realises he's living a virtual reality designed by robots. So he leaves. Once in the real world, he seeks the help of a retired basketball star for one last match with aliens
Girl bets her brother he can't deflower a certain virgin before the new school year. Back at school, his jock friend bets him he can't turn the artistic geek into a prom queen.
Girl disguises herself as her twin brother to join school soccer team. She then finds out she has a son, who's in jail. She goes to see him before she can have sex change operation
Chauvinistic ad exec loses promotion to woman. Has accident while testing feminine products and can suddenly communicate with animals, attracting lots of them needing medical help
Girl goes out celebrating promotion, hooks up with random slacker. She gets pregnant and decides to give it up for adoption to a couple she found in the Pennysaver.
Banker receives double life sentence for murder, but makes the most of prison. New inmate on death row for rape, changes one guard's life forever, showing more than simple goodness
Boy gets raised by wolves. Gets advised to go back to the village. Later in high school, he realises that he is a wolf, which really helps with social life and basketball
Boy, too small for carnival ride, makes a wish with a game to get older. So he gets born really old, but starts aging backward
Kid persuades best friend to take his dad's car so they can spend day in the city. On returning, he finds school was closed because he flooded it. And a rabbit predicts apocalypse
Nun becomes governess to unruly children, falls for their father. After one kills herself, the kids are forced to retreat from everyday life, but neighbourhood boys plan a rescue
PlotMovie 1 Movie 2 (don't type 'and' inbetw
Badguy plants bomb on a vehicle, which will detonate below certain velocity. Driver gets injured, so scared rookie must get vehicle to station, as passengers get sick from fish
Unemployed dude gets attacked by thugs mistaking him for millionaire. He then decides to improve his situation by entering Millionaire tv show, and wins, but suspected of cheating
Psychotic bank robber terrorises city, uniting all the criminals under him. The only hope are a civil war hero and a wacky inventor, who must rescue the kidnapped scientists
New girl gets in with popular kids to sabotage. They also try changing her, thus creating a 'monster', leading to realisation that you should be yourself, and love your ex-stepbro
Man gets mad at God, so God responds by giving him powers. Turns out, he only thinks he's God because he's the director of a reality show about a man who doesn't know he's in one
A listless and alienated teenager decides to help his new friend win the class presidency. They then have the night of their lives getting alcohol for a party.
Man makes friend on plane. They reject consumerism culture, decide to fight it. Fight spreads the country and suddenly they must save the world from evil sorcerer Shang Tsung
Old man takes scientists to his island full of prehistoric creatures for endorsement. Two of those creatures, diagnosed with cancer, escape to live out their final wishes
5 criminals mysteriously get selected for a line-up. They then decide to rob a jewellery store, which goes really wrong. Whilst hiding out, they try to figure out if there's a rat
Girl moves to small town, meets vampire boy, whose secret then gets out. She learns she's destined to battle vampires, soon upsetting lots of vamps, who decide to ruin her prom

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