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QUIZ: Can you name the characters from the McDonaldland TV universe?

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Character clueCharacter
The primary icon of McDonalds
#1's dog
A large, purple character who was first introduced as being evil
Burger thief
First female character used to promote breakfast menu
Also known as Gobblins and Fry Guys
The mayor
Chief of police
Nautical themed villain
Local inventor and researcher
Character clueCharacter
Where hamburgers 'grew'
Irish uncle to #3
A hamburger, fries, and soft drink in regular size
A bunch of chicken nuggets in regular size
An alien that talked like a surfer
A strange creature that ate all kinds of inedible things
An unnamed bird
The self-proclaimed 'Vice President of Snacking'
A thief partial to McGriddles
Manager of the McDonaldland Magical Radio Station

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