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Forced Order
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Michael listens to the iTunes preview of this song after breaking up with Carol
Andy makes his ringtone himself singing all four parts of the harmony this song
Michael is listening to this when he asks Jim for a song that says 'Welcome to Scranton, and I love you'
One of Michaels ringtones
Michael and Andy sing this to the girls they bring back from Benihana
Andy sings a parody of this after looking at what CDs were in Stanley's clients' (Julia) car.
Jim sings this in the Stamford office to annoy Karen
Holly and Michael sing a parody of this to the rest of the office at their Ethics meeting
Dwight blares this song in his car when he feels depressed that he is losing Michael to Ryan
Song Michael uses in his video 'Faces of Scranton' that he presents at a meeting at corporate in NY
Dwight sings a parody of this song after Ryan burns his cheesy pita causing a fire
Angela's favorite holiday song
Pam sings this at the funeral they have for the bird, Dwight accompanies her on his recorder
Michael sings this and plays it on his steel drum after returning from Jamaica
Pam and Roys 'song' that Roy plays Scrantonicity to play at Phyllis's wedding
Andy sings this acapella in his car to Jim after Jim asks if he has any music. Jim then stops them and says he meant a CD.
Michael and Dwight sing a parody of this song at the gravesite of the Chair Model
Jan sings this song to Astrid (her baby), at the baby shower thrown for her at the office
Michael, Holly and Darryl sing this in the truck as they are driving Holly back to Nashua
Michael sings a parody of this as a farewell tribute to Toby at his going away party
Michael mistakingly sings at the CPR training when the instructor tells him to use the beat of Stayin' Alive
Song played as the bridal party dances down the aisle at Pam and Jims wedding
Dwight sings this song to Jim to make him feel guilty for coming back to work after his paternity leave
Michael and Dwight sing this to everybody at the end of Take Your Child to Work day
Andy and Erin sing a parody of this to welcome the new company Sabre (once they hear the correct pronunciation of Sabre it throw off the song)

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