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Whichgroup of anti-hypertensive drugs is contra-indicated in pregnancy?
Which antihypertensive is most commonly used in pregnancy?
If a mother has been taking a drug during pregnancy is it ok during breast feedeing/
Which trimester is considered to be the most 'dangerous' concerning taking drugs?
During which weeks of pregnancy do we see an all or nothing response?
Which physiological process does morning sickness effect?
How does the glomerular filtration rate (GFR)change during pregnancy?
Why are B-blockers less effective during pregnancy?
Why may a higher dose of lamotrigene be necessary during pregnancy?
Why are Ca channel blockers less effective during pregnancy?
Why is glycosuria seen in pregnancy?
What is the typical dose of folic acid given during pregnancy?
What dose of folic acid is given to a woman with epilepsy during pregnancy?
Which folate antagonising antibiotic should not be given during pregnancy?
Give an example of a chronic condition where treatment would need to be continued throughout pregnancy?
How might diabetes treatment change during pregnancy/
Which (2) antiepileptics increase the risk of neural tube defects?
Which (2) antiepileptics increase the risk of cardiac abnomalities?
Which antiepileptic drug increase the risk of orofacial defects/
What is the risk of a congenital abnormality when using 3 antiepileptic drugs/
How long before conception should folic acid be given to an woman suffering from epilepsy?
Can clotrimazole be given to treat thrush during pregnancy?
What is the most suitable type of laxative for use during pregnancy?
Can NSAIDs be used after 30 weeks gestation?
How long should a child be breast fed for?
Which type of antibody does a baby recieve throuhg breast milk?
What is the first breast-milk called?
How much of a drug with a low pKa will be found in breast milk compared to maternal plasma?
Give an example of a drug which is contra-indicated during breast-feeding?
Give an example of a drug that will not end up in breast milk?
How is the dose of thyroxine in hypothyroidism different to normal in pregnancy?
Which 2 oral hypoglycaemics can be used during breast-feeding?
What are the safest classes of antidepressants that can be used in pregnancy?

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