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What is the WHO definition of anaemia for men(g/dL)?
How long to RBCs live in the peripheral circulation for?
What does MCV stand for?
Generally is prophylactic iron recommended in pregnancy?
What is the typical dose for oral iron therpay?
Iron deficiency results in which kind of anaemia?
why do kidney patients commonly suffer from anaemia?
Does hepcidin increase or decrease iron absorption?
how long is a sperm viable form within the female reproductive system?
what is the BMi range for healthy weight?
What is the BMI for overweight?
What is the BMI for obesity 1?
What is the BMI for obesity 2?
What is the BMI for obesity 3?
At what BMI can you use alli?
Why was the license for sibutramine suspended?
Bariatric surgery is a first line treatment for people with a BMI of?
Definition of malnourished (in terms of BMI)?
Generally what is the maximum initial nutritional support that can be given to avoid refeeding syndrome? (kcal/kg/day)
For people at high risk of developing refeeding syndrome what should be given 10 days prior to starting refeeding?
what is the dosage?
What age range is a neonate?
What age range is an infant?
What age range is a child?
What age range is an adolescent?
Which 2 drugs have increased oral absorption in infants?
Protein binding in infants is lower, which drug therefore should be given in a lower dose?
At what age is renal function fully mature?
How many times greater is the incidence of diabetes of the severely obese?

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