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Cholestasis results from injury to what?
To confirm the hepatic cause of raised ALP which other enzyme would be raised?
Hepatocellular damage, cholestasis and haemolysis can all cause an increase in what?
At what point should a drug be stopped with reference to alanine transaminase?
What does TIPSS stand for?
what is viraemia?
What is the leading cause of death from liver disease in the USA?
What is the name of the oral formulation of vitamin K?
ALT stands for what?
In chronic liver disease are the levels of albumin high or low?
The time between starting therapy and the appearance of adverse symptoms is known as what?
Severe pruritis is associated with which type of acute liver disease?
Give an example of a drug causing steatosis/
Name an antidote for paracetamol overdose
Diminished urine output is known as what?
Which drug can cause chronic acitve hepatits?
Firbrosis can be caused by which drug?
Apart from the liver where else is alkaline phosphatase found?
Is the concentration of bile salts in the skin proportional to the severity of puritis?
Conjugated bilirubin is measured to estabolish the presence of what/
how long before the effects of colestytramine are seen in the treatment of pruritis?
What is sequelae?
Which enzyme is said to be the liver specific enzyme?
Oesophageal varices result from what?
What is the antidote for acute iron poisoning?
What is the half-life of albumin?
List in alphabetical order (no commas) the early symptoms of acute hepatocellular necrosis (there are 5)
True or false? In acute hepatitis there is no correlation between the extent of damage and the proportion LFTs are raised/lowered by?
Jaundice is usually seen at plasma bilirubin concentrations above what? (micromol/L)
True or false? Serum transaminases are poor predictors of fibrosis?
Generally yay or nay to liver biopsy?
What does GGT stand for?
Steatosis is also known as what?
AST stands for what?

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