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QUIZ: Can you name the Clinical Pharmacy - Antibiotic Management?

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What colour do gram +ve bacteria stain?
What colour do gram -ve bacteria stain?
What shape are bacilli?
Where in our bodies are gram +ve bacteria found?
If someone has a penecillin allergy which 2 groups of antibiotics are they also likely to be allergic to?
What do all broad spectrum antibiotics interact with?
What is used to treat mild-moderate c. diff?
What is the dose and frequency of the above?
What is used to treat severe c. diff?
What is the dose and frequency of the above?
What type of antibiotic is gentamicin?
What should be the pre-dose level of gentamicin (mg/L)?
What are the 2 side-effects of gentamicin?
What should the trough level of Vancomycin be (mg/L)?
What should the levels of Vancomycin be for treating MRSA (mg/L)?
Vancomycin and Teicoplanin are examples of which type of antibiotic?
What risk to broad spectrum antibiotics carry?
Best guess treatment is known as what treatment?
What can amoxicillin be given with to improve its effect on betalactamase producing bacteria?
What is the usual treatment for a UTI?
How many times a day should an antibacterial nasal cream be used for the decolonisation of MRSA?

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