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How else can resistance occur?
Aminoglycosides cause...
Gentamicin is an...
Ciprofloxacin inhibits which enzyme?
What is the target for Penecillins?
Give another mechanism of resistance to penecillins.
Monobactams and Carbapenems are examples of what?
Chloramphenicol inhibits what?
Which bacterial cells do the Pnecillins bind to?
Are Penecillins Bactericidal or bacteriostatic?
Macrolides inhibit what?
Isoniazid is used to treat what?
What is piperacillin used to trea that the other penecillins ar not?
Which 6 symptoms can be associated with hypersensitivity reactions? (alphabetical order)
Give an example of a drug used to treat tuberculosis?
cefuoxime is a what?
What does vancomycin bind?
Clindamycin is a what?
Tetracyclines compete with tRNA for what?
Nam 3 mechanisms DNA can be transfered between bacteria?
What is the mechanism of resistance to penecillins?
Which ezyme does trimethoprim inhibit?

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