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Forced Order
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What is Chapter three called?
What is Chapter thirteen called?
What is Chapter two called?
What is Chapter fourteen called?
Who is the Author of the story?
What teacher died?
Did the Tarboxes go to School
What is Chapter five called?
What is Chapter six called?
What does the teacher call the School house?
Who is the new teacher?
How old is Lloyd?
Who did Charlie marry?
How old is Russell?
How many chapters are in the book?
How many pages are in the Book?
What state was the story in?
What is Chapter fifteen called?
Who did Tansy marry?
What is Chapter ten called?
How may students are in the class?
Where does Russell want to go?
What is Part one called?
What were the bathrooms called?
Did Lloyd's Mom Die? Yes or No
How old is Tansy?
What is Part three called?
What is Chapter eight called?
What is Chapter seven called?
What is the main characters brother?
What is the Name of the Book?
Who does Tansy take gum from?
Who did Glenn marry?
How many Tarboxes went to school?
What is Part 2 called?
Who steals from the school?
Did Russell's Dad die? Yes or No
What happened to Russell's mom
How old is Charlie?
What did tarboxes not steal from the school?
Did Tansy Cook? Yes or No
What is Chapter nine called?
What is the School called?
Who did Pearl Parr?
Who trashed from the school?
Did Russell's Mom die? Yes or No
What is Chapter seventeen called?
Who is the main character?
What is Chapter twelve called?
Did they go back to Sycamore when they were married?
Did Lloyd's Dad Die? Yes or No
What is Chapter eleven called?
Who did Russell marry?
What machine does Russell want to run?
Is the story a Comedy?
Who did Beulah marry?
How many parts in the story are there?
What is Chapter four called?
What is Chapter sixteen called?
What is Chapter one called?

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