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Can you name the Things Star Wars Droid R2D2 has Done?

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Performed maintenance work on the hull of Queen Padme Amidala's Royal Starship to break who's blockadeI
Was first introduced to C3PO hereI
Helped Anakin finish building this, used to win his freedom from WattoI
Helped Aankin destroy the Trade Federation's Droid control ship while co-piloting thisI
Reattached C3PO's head at this battleII
One of only two witnesses to this weddingII
Helped Anakin and Ahsoko save this being's child, RottaCW
Defeated this traitor R-unit droid over an exploding bridgeCW
Anakin, and later Palpatine, rode R2D2 to safety, fleeing this beastCW
While flying in Anakin's Jedi Starfighter in the Battle of Coruscant, electrocuted and destroyed this droid by zapping it's middle eyeIII
Also during the Battle of Coruscant, set two of these droids ablazeIII
Brought an injured Padme back to the safety of their spaceship as Obiwan Kenobi and Anakin dueled on this planetIII
Jettisoned from the Tantive IV along with C3PO with these plansIV
Trying to find Obiwan Kenobi on Tattoine, was captured byIV
And was purchased byIV
Aboard the Death Star, saved Luke, Leia and Han from thisIV
Witnessed the destruction of the Death Star as Luke's astromech in this Alliance star fighterIV
Got spit out by a Dragonsnake on this planetV
Launched this to Luke over the sarlacc pitVI
At the Battle of Endor, brought down this so the Rebel's could destroy the Death StarVI
Befriended this EwokVI
Finally revealed a hologram of his mother, Padme's, death to Luke so that he could kill Lomi Plo and end this warEU
R2D2 has never had thisn/a

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