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Can you name the Disney's Hercules Characters by Therapy Session?

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Therapy StatementCharacterDivinity Status:
I'm a realy hot head...Immortal
We've been trapped by our nephew for millennia underground and he goes and blasts us into space...Immortal
This fine looking girl ended up being two Underworld minions...Immortal
The girl I used to love is dating a guy who's more successful than me...Mortal
We have to keep doing all the Underworld dirty work...Immortal
I took a quick dip in the Styx until my boyfriend showed up...Mortal
This godling broke our pair of scissors...Immortal
That boy keeps breaking all my pottery...Mortal
I managed to get killed by a godling who was mortal at the time...Mortal
My baby was kidnapped and raised by a mortal woman...Immortal
Therapy StatementCharacterDivinity Status:
I ran out of wine...Immortal
I always get interrupted by these singing girls...Mortal
We just figured out that we're the only black women in Greece...Immortal
I have to talk to my son through a statue...Immortal
This beautiful girl kept refusing me; so I tried to kidnap her and get thrown into a wall by this godling...Unknown
I have to carry all this hay, back and forth, every day...Mortal
My son ran away to find his real father...Mortal
I have to raise the son of a god...great, I just wanted to go out and get my paper...Mortal
I gave up immortality for a girl; she better be worth it...Immortal/Mortal
This gig I got keeps getting me average joes.. i need a kid to take me to the top...Unknown

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