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Died in Episode 13, one of the 104th squad
Hometown: Trost, one of the top 10 of the 104th squad
Loses an Arm, member of the Survey Corps
Discovers his mother turned into a titan.
Tallest of the Survey Corps
Friends with protagonist, did not make top 10 of the 104th.
Came from the underground to join the Survey Corps.
Used a bow and arrow to rescue a child from a titan.
Tries to get herself killed when she finds out her friend was dead.
A doctor that has gone missing.
Prefers to get eaten by a pretty lady titan.
Wears a cravat like Levi.
Sent letters to her father about the corporal.
Second tallest of the 104th squad's top 10.
Shows concern for Annie when hearing of her supposed 'torture'.
Is heir to the throne.
Would have killed himself if not for Marco Bodt.
Has not been given a specific gender.
Married and had children, works in the Military
Joined the Military and met Marlo and Hitch.
Was bitten in half.
Died in the first episode.
Third titan shifter to be officially revealed.
Member of the Garrison, was bitten in half.
Held over the wall by Hanji Zoe.
Died in episode 20 in the same manner that titans are killed.
Is the representation of what Marco would have been in the Military Police.
Tells Mikasa to protect her boyfriend.
Works under Hanji Zoe.
Nothing special but determination led him to the top 10.

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