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Motorcycle Handlebars
Adjustable tool for different types of pipes and fasteners
open end of an open end wrench formed into a socket
Stadium in Beijing, China
hair style with a long strand growing down the back of the head
Volkswagen Car
Bad Handwriting
Something doesn't seem right...
Teeth (cuspids)
Place to keep money (sometimes resembles this animal)
Gear arrangement where a gear is in form of a screw
Anti-roll back device on roller coasters
Another name for a football
You're probably holding it now (on a computer)
Almond flavored, yeast-raised pastry
Computer Tomography
miniature clip used in electronics
Dodge Sports Car
Swimming Stroke
Professional Golfer/Unfaithful Husband
Part of the brain that deals with long-term memory and spatial navigation
Arby's Famous Sauce
postal delivery service
English Engineering unit of mass
Mean kids in school

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