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Guess the names of The Used Songsa;lksjfa;lskdfj
Now will you ever rest your head? You end up feeling mostly dead Pretending you're the last one Hiding with your eyes shut tightly all the way to the _______ Before I cross my hear
To! Me! It! Looks! So! Pretty! Burning! Burn the sun Burn the light __________________________ Take my hand Take my life
Hit me Knock me out And let me go back to sleep I can laugh All I want inside I still am empty So deep that it didn't even bleed and catch me I'll be just fine Pretending I'm not I
You bleed just like you puke while running a mile Hey are you okay? You look pretty low Very ______ Do you feel okay? You look pretty low Very_______
I found my place In the world Could stare at your face For the rest of my days Now I can breathe Turn my insides out and _____ Warm and alive I'm all over you Would you_______
For years gone by And I cried Its______ That I was wrong Its_______ I miss you Since you've been gone its not the same
I don't see anything now So just say what you wanna say It's kind of funny how I'm not _______ anyway
I'd rather shut my eyes Call this a mask Call me strong Call me a mess Call me wrong Cause _____________ do fine With wasting their time.
It's the me that I let you know Cause I'll never show I have my reasons I hate to say that I told you so But I told you so There's _____________ Like the blood in you Some things c
And I'm screaming for something Knowing nothing is better than knowing it all ___________ Without it all I'm choking on nothing It's clear in my head
See the changes People's faces blurred out Like sunspots or raindrops Now all those feelings Those _____________ will all be lost in time But today I've wasted away For today is on
Look at me You can tell By the way I move and do my hair Do you think That its me Or its not me I don't even care I'm alive I don't smell I'm the cleanest I have ever been I feel b
Not enough to feed the hungry I'm tired and I felt it for a while now In this sea of lonely ________________ is getting old It's four o' clock in the **** morning Each day gets
I got scars from dirty scratches Scabs and ashes The_______________! In this exchange I often touch myself To go ahead and let those dirty words pass right through me.
I take it back I take it all back ________ by the same old antics Back and fourth like some walking spastic
Guess the names of The Used Songsa;lksjfa;lskdfj
Like I couldn't yell enough But getting tired of screaming __________ And now you have a chance again The world falls down We all forget where to begin
Just knowing this matters I just feel stronger and sharper Found ____________ What a beautiful thing
I try to take of my head sometimes because I can't escape the memories I haven't lost anything except my mind You could be empty And I can be right here___________ Or you could be
I think I made it a game to play your game And let myself cry I ___________ On the inside So I could shut you out And let you go away for a long time
Its not me So who am I now Over and over again ______________ Cut through the black empty space we call sky
You need to let go of letting go You're full of **** You're ___________ Something supernatural It seems it could posses you
Terrified of what's inside to save his life He crawls like a __________ Crawls like a ________ Out of his mind The way pushes him whispering
A lines a dime a million times And I'm about to see all of them Goodbye to you Goodbye to you You're taking up my time.....
I never let you go Sure I lost my mind But I never really ________ Last heartbeat's fading in the night Only expected darkness
Cause we are The light in the ________ We are the living and dying See how we are Alone in the world We are the light in the ______ That's all
Or a box for a smoke But they're all going to _________ As of now I'm down straight up
Should've done something But I've done it enough By the way your hands were shaking Rather waste some time with you....
They say You will burn in hell ________ Pants on fire ________ Stop your soul from catching Fire fire god and maker _______ Pants on fire
Sold my life to bring the rain Maybe to wash me clean ______________ to stop the pain Hoping you'd set me free
Never have been one to write it down Now I think I can I know I'm stronger now Who's looking south Not me I'm not looking back I'm done denying the truth to anyone Cause I'm alive.

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