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Can you name the NeverShoutNever song? by the lyrics?

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LyricsSong Name
There's not much else i can do but fall for you.
But you could make everything alright, and i want you to.
Star oh star you shine so bright.
I can't believe, that the girl i saw 2 months ago is right in front of me
Dear, I wrote you this song.
This town wont receive, all the things that I want
I'm so happy here with you 'cause your my type of girl.
Even sellouts have their dreams, set the music free.
So baby please take my hand and you'll never be alone again
Cause thats not how you raised me.
LyricsSong Name
This midwest town is gonna miss you.
I saw you cross the room and I knew, that this was gonna blossom into something, beautiful.
The good, the bad, the ugly. the smiles, the laugh, the funny.
All I know is when I move away, my heart will stay in this midwestern state
Im overly attracted and terribly convinced.
And i saw this man, on the side of the road.
Your the type of girl texts all day and talks all night
Did it hurt just to know i was right here awaitin
Cause all they really cared about was whether you put out.
If its not the fact that im a wee bit younger.

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