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QUIZ: Can you name the characters in Harry Potter that begin with the assigned letters?

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This Hufflepuff later marries Neville LongbottomA
Everybody's favorite GodfatherB
This Gryffindor adored Harry PotterC
Everybody's least favorite Aunt D
Mrs. PotterE
The man who had the stoneF
You-Know-Who's motherG
A beloved half-giantH
Harry's ancestor; former owner of the invisibility cloak (First Name)I
Fred and George's BFFJ
World-renowned Quidditch playerK
A friendly werewolfL
Harry's school nemesisM
Death Eater with a Slytherin sonN
Wand sellerO
Possessed DADA teacher Q
Proprietor of the Three BroomsticksR
Fudge's replacementS
Metamorphmagus T
Hogwarts High Inquisitor U
Redhead who captures Harry's heartW
Loony's Loony Father (First Name)X
Death EaterY
Slytherin student in Harry's yearZ

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