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Can you correctly identify which movie in each pair has a higher rating on IMDb?

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1) Groundhog Day or 2) Lost in Translation?
1) Saw or 2) Scream?
1) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or 2) The Truman Show?
1) The Ant Bully or 2) Antz?
1) Juno or 2) Little Miss Sunshine?
1) The Birds or 2) Dial M for Murder?
1) Ben-Hur or 2) Lawrence of Arabia?
1) Sleepless in Seattle or 2) You've Got Mail?
1) I Am Legend or 2) Independence Day?
1) Halloween or 2) A Nightmare on Elm Street?
1) Do the Right Thing or 2) Driving Miss Daisy?
1) Field of Dreams or 2) A League of Their Own?
1) The Great Escape or 2) Saving Private Ryan?
1) Air Force One or 2) Top Gun?
1) Rocky or 2) Taxi Driver?
1) Reservoir Dogs or 2) The Usual Suspects?
1) Grease or 2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
1) The Deer Hunter or 2) Full Metal Jacket?
1) The Matrix or 2) Terminator 2: Judgment Day?
1) Mary Poppins or 2) The Sound of Music?
1) On the Waterfront or 2) A Streetcar Named Desire?
1) Cinderella or 2) Pinocchio?
1) Pretty in Pink or 2) Sixteen Candles?
1) Beverly Hills Cop or 2) Trading Places?
1) Beetlejuice or 2) Edward Scissorhands?
1) Resident Evil or 2) Underworld?
1) American Beauty or 2) Forrest Gump?
1) Finding Nemo or 2) The Incredibles?
1) Avatar or 2) Titanic?
1) Carrie or 2) Misery?
1) Mad Max or 2) Predator?
1) 12 Years a Slave or 2) Argo?
1) Shrek or 2) Shrek 2?
1) Dallas Buyers Club or 2) Philadelphia?
1) Diamonds are Forever or 2) Thunderball?
1) Meet the Parents or 2) Zoolander?

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